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FOR MUSICIANS - We offer a FREE service designed for every musical type, skill, or talent level called The "Musicians Toolbox". Once Logged in you are able to post your musical profile so other musicians will be able to listen, read, and see what you have to offer. You will be able to post your bio, pictures, and MP3ís for the world to view. Once you are added to the network you will instantly be able to FIND or BE FOUND by other musicians looking for your individual talent and geographical location.

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FOR BANDS - Once you are logged into your Musicians Toolbox we offer you the ability to create a FREE band web site, for each of your projects, to connect you to venues and fans. Once your band profile has been created you will have the ability to locate venues you want to play for, and then send the booking agent a professional request including your website for review.

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You and your band members will be able to set up shows on the site CALENDAR, sell band MERCHANDISE and accept CREDIT CARDS, receive and reply to messages in your GUEST BOOK, send show notices and news letters to members of your FAN CLUB, upload pictures to your PHOTO ALBUM, upload MP3ís to your MUSIC LIBRARY, and take advantage of huge savings on network discounts such as stickers, t-shirts, recording, CD mastering, CD manufacturing, web hosting, web development, managed e-commerce, and much more.

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